Issue 12


CalArts 50ish Anniversary

Visual Essay Issue 8

The Art of Minkyu Lee

Minkyu Lee (Film/Video BFA 09, MFA 11) is a film director, writer, producer, and artist whose animated short film, “Adam and Dog,” earned a Best Animated Short Academy Award nomination in 2013 and won an Annie Award for the film in 2012. One of the film consultants he thanks in the credits is veteran animator and fellow CalArtian Glen Keane (Film/Video BFA 73).

During the past several years, Lee and Keane have worked together on several films, including The Princess and the Frog (2009), Wreck-It-Ralph (2012), and on the Oscar-winning short “Dear Basketball” (2017), directed by Keane and written by the late Kobe Bryant.

(The two filmmakers also took part in an online discussion recently during CalArts Weekend.)

Glen Keane and Minkyu Lee discuss Over the Moon.

For Keane’s first directing foray into feature film, Netflix’s Over the Moon, Lee served as a storyboard artist. Released on Oct. 23, the animated musical follows a girl who builds a real rocket ship, hoping to meet a mythical moon goddess.

Lee created the “rocket to the moon” scene for the film. Below is the clip of the scene from the film, along with the story boards that Lee created.