CalArts Alumni Magazine

Issue 7


Alumni HQ

Letter from Steve Kandell, Alumni HQ Guest Editor

Steve Kandell (Critical Studies MFA 98), Guest Editor of Alumnx HQ.

Dear CalArts Community, There is a stack of file folders that has come with me on every move I’ve had in the past 23 years, including two laps across the country. The folders are tucked in the back of a file cabinet next to me right now, minding their own business. I have never thought…


My Favorite Project

Jon Barlow Hudson, Vortex I: Jax.

Whether their work at CalArts led to a career in the arts or their lives took a different turn, CalArtians often have one formative piece they still think about years later. The Pool invited alumni to reminisce about a piece of work that they did as a student that still resonates with them today. Here are some…


Narrated Objects

Connect the dots: Who’s looking at you? From We Heart P-22, drawing by Dela Truthsayer.

‘We’re good at telling stories’ Officially, Narrated Objects began in October 2017 when Andrea Richards (Critical Studies MFA 99) and Teena Apeles (Critical Studies MFA 98) published We Heart P-22, an activity book inspired by a mountain lion who was living in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. But really, everything informing the philosophy of their upstart publishing…