The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Socks Whitmore (Music 20)

Socks Whitmore checks in: “The latter half of 2022 was a roller coaster, but we made it! I was brought aboard an indie game as artistic director and spearheaded the studio’s growth. I continued my work with Stage Raw as a theater critic and was nominated to become the youngest member of the 2023 LA Drama Critics Circle. I participated in panels and gave talks on accessibility and queer topics for organizations like New Musicals Inc, Arts for LA, Artist Relief Project, and the LA Women’s Theater Festival. I performed quite a bit for LGBTQ+ spaces like Respect All Love, Queer26, and the first Burbank Family Pride, and completed my term as assistant music director for the all-trans professional choir Key Change Ensemble, including work on a music video shoot where I earned my first vocal arrangement credit. I also found time to record VO for Penguin Random House and the Webby Award-winning audio drama f*cking sober. I did everything from playing Georgie (Steven King’s IT) at LA Horror Con, to singing a D7 almost 20 times in a row for Cassil’s dance-art piece Human Measure premiered at REDCAT by an all-trans team of artists, to teaching doctors about trans medical care through standardized patient work at UCLA, but my favorite performance was by far devising and originating the role of Malachite Burns for Alterea Inc.’s immersive experience STARDUST at the Sassafras Saloon—I got lots of pictures to put in my portfolio alongside the stock photography shoots I did for REDCAT and Unsplash! Evidence of all this and more can be found on my social media @SocksWhitmore and on my website :)”