The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Fiona Dorn (Dornberger) (Theater 19)

Fiona Dorn writes, “Trying to figure out my place in the LA acting scene since graduating and then COVID has definitely been a journey, but I finally think I’ve found my niche. This past year, I was awarded an incredible scholarship to study motion capture performance and action acting at a school called Mind’s Eye Tribe, under TJ Storm who has done performance capture for Godzilla, The Predator, Colossus (Deadpool), Vader Immortal, and pretty much every videogame ever. What I love about performance capture is that, because animation will be added to your performance, it is possible to portray any character imaginable, from regular people, to fierce warriors, to terrifying monsters. Working towards becoming an established action actor (an actor who specializes specifically in action-related genres and skills), I have been training nonstop in action fighting, swords, tactical, in-game navigations (the movements that a player controls), and creature performance. Most nights, I train at a stunt gym in LA, and have felt so welcomed and supported by the stunt community, even though I still have a lot to learn and improve upon. I have also begun to dip my toes into prosthetic makeup creature performance, and feel so lucky to have already worked with so many talented and hardworking makeup artists, and learned more about the MUFX industry. As my skills improve, I look forward to the work to come, both in personal growth and profession. Please feel free to reach out with any connections, questions, or opportunities!”