The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Eric Adkins (Film/Video 87)

Eric Adkins checks in: “Worked to supervise the live action plate photography for animation and then as stop motion director of photography on the Academy Award-nominated feature Marcel the Shell with Shoes On with Kirsten Lepore direction animation for A24 in Los Angeles. Then had the pleasure to go up to my hometown Portland to work as a lighting camera person on Wendell & Wild, with CalArts alum Henry Selick directing for Netflix … Incidentally, I shot the Monkeypaw Productions logo for Jordan Peele that preceded this movie a few years previously. Followed by the recent release streaming on Apple+ of the children’s stop motion series Shape Island as director of photography with CalArts faculty alum illustrator/creator Jon Klassen for Bix Pix in Burbank. It’s been a very busy three years, and during the last two projects I had the pleasure to work with long time friend and CalArts alum Paul Harrod working as production designer.”