The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Deborah Teller Scott (Art 71)

Deborah Teller Scott shares,In the past few years I have been doing more writing than drawing or painting, having discovered, as I suspected decades ago, that words are my first love. Besides my cozy mysteries for Kindle—DOWNFALL and its sequel BREAKDOWN—and the short pieces I’ve had published in magazines and anthologies, I have found a fun new pastime, thanks to COVID’s two years of lockdown. On H&I network’s “Good Guys at Sunrise,” which reruns old Westerns, I rediscovered a favorite from childhood, the ‘50s TV series Cheyenne. Although I’m not really a Western fan, this series brought back some fond family memories, so I have made it my goal to review every single one of the show’s 108 episodes for the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website. I’m sure many of my fellow CalArtians can relate to how enjoyable relatively small projects like that can be. Doing something strictly for fun, while maintaining a balanced view of priorities, can elevate your mood and make getting older in a challenging world less of a struggle. In this case, it’s gratifying to see that some of my reviews have proved helpful for new generations of fans of the show. As we all appreciate, to know that others can be positively affected by your work, whether artistic or otherwise, is most rewarding. I wish all my old classmates, with whom I spent many enjoyable hours on the Chouinard patio, good health and a happy, satisfying life.”