The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Allan Graubard (Critical Studies 73)

Allan Graubard says, “A pretty good year, 2022, highlighted by several events. First, there was the publication of a new international literary and art annual, of which I’m an editor and contributing author: Nigredo. With each new issue the title changes to suit the moment, and in 2023 it will appear as Aerial Archipelago. Then in June I curated an exhibition of two superlative artists: Eugenio F. Granell (whose art graces the cover of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog for the big exhibition Surrealism Beyond Borders) and the Dutch artist Rik Lina. It was titled Dragons: The Art of Eugenio F. Granell and Rik Lina and opened at the Granell Foundation Museum in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (June 15–Sept. 15, 2022). There is a catalog in English, Spanish, and Galician. In July of 2023, I’ll be curating another exhibition at the same museum, Calle Cervantes, celebrating the collage art of David Coulter, who hails from Berkeley, California. Along the way I published a good number of book reviews in Los Angeles Review of Books, American Book Review, Leonardo, Pacific Rim Review of Books, etc. Writers and poets write; that’s what we do; and that’s what I do. Cheers from ole Manhattan … Allan.”