The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Socks Whitmore (Music 20)

Whitmore checks in: ā€œ2022 has been an eventful year so far! I stepped up my game as a freelance writer and as a public speaker; I was commissioned by American Composers Forum and Translash Media to write op-eds on accessibility in music and T4T relationships respectively, I joined the permanent roster of Stage Raw theater critics, and I gave professional talks on working with voice actors and launching your career post-graduation. I lent my voice to almost a dozen CalArts student VO projects, and premiered some of my original music on campus as well as at FCCLA as part of the N.E.O. Voice Festival. I’ve played a role in a variety of concert gigs as a performer, including the opening event of the new all-trans arts organization Pothos Arts and Theatre House, the inaugural line-up of the very first LA Trans Voices Cabaret, and joining the auxiliary roster of the pro choir Tonality. I also helped the all-trans choir Key Change Ensemble get its live performance legs and expanded my role in the sibling org/management agency Transgender Talent. I returned to theater for the first time since the onset of the pandemic by working with Playground LA, and began writing an opera with fellow alumnx Gillian Perry with the support of Overtone Industries through their Original Vision program. And I was brought aboard the Emerging Arts Leaders programming committee to help plan professional development events for artists! To top it all off, I had my gender-affirming top surgery in April and have been loving life ever since. šŸ™‚ Everything Iā€™m up to can be found across platforms @SocksWhitmore and on my website!