The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Gary Schwartz (Film/Video 81)

Schwartz notes, “Invited by the Anibar International Animation Festival in Peja, Kosovo, to conduct an intensive hands-on animation workshop with a generous grant from the U.S State Department in July 2021. 

In this immersive workshop, participants will be able to get a first chance at creating an animated promo for the festival itself! By fully submerging yourself in all of the theory and practice you will get a front seat to the creation process. A multithreaded workshop, to try new things, and most importantly broaden your artistic horizon. This workshop will take place from July 24-29, in the city of Peja. Brought to you by the tutor: Gary Schwartz. Kosovo Kids Four days of eliciting the creative spirits. Magical shadow projections inside a dark, closed music school. 

12th ANIBAR International Animation Festival 2021 

Director: Gary Schwartz
Volunteers: Klest Dracolli, Dhear Shatri, Milena Zajmi, Elsa Cavderbasha, Clza Kacamakocic, Jeta Shabanaj, Ernald Shehaj 

COORDINATORS: Marigona Ramovicm Fiona Muhaxheri 

PARTICIPANTS: Lend Purini, Sado Music Eris, Belegu Rian Berlajolli, Anna Emra Ema Shala 

SOUND: Jan Richtr 

MUSIC MASTER: Tybor Melis & Michal Chrastina