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Donald Beagle (Critical Studies 73)

Donald Beagle’s forthcoming collection, Hexagrams: A Poet’s Journey Through the I Ching, will feature 64, six-line poems written in broken and unbroken lines of text that embody the lines of the I Ching’s corresponding hexagrams. The book has been contracted by LP Press@Wake Forest University, and has already received several advance reviews two months before the scheduled release date. Poet and novelist Michael Joyce, Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing & Media Studies at Vassar, wrote: “The hexagram poems are extraordinary in the root sense, a kind of bardic / runic spatialization unlike most experimental forms I know.” Theodore Haddin, Professor Emeritus of Literature at the University of Alabama, wrote: “I couldn’t stop reading Hexagrams from beginning to end—an altogether amazing achievement…In extracting new language from the I Ching ideograms, the transition to the poet’s own poem in each case enables the poet to draw new meaning, to embrace or innovate.…this is a marvelous venture into new poetry, science, and a way to enlarge the reader’s own consciousness.” Three of the set were published in the most recent issue of the journal CONSILIENCE (#8, the Entropy Issue), and seven others have just won a prize in the annual Ekphrasis Poetry Contest at Oakland University. Beagle’s complete book is slated for national publication in late August or early September, and will also include 64 mezzotint illustrations by artist Meredith Joy Merritt. Further details, plus an interview with the poet, will soon appear on the poet’s website at: