The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Still Thinking (Misa Kelly) (Dance 96)

Still Thinking checks in: “Aloha kākou! Continuing to live the good life leaning into the magic, wonder, and awe of the world. I am back dancing with a fresh intention studying hula and pairing this with entering my second year of studying Hawaiian enjoying connecting with these roots. Continuing on as a free-range maker in songwriting, painting, photography, gardening, camping, hiking, and traveling. From a recent vision quest my heart encouraged me to honor the contemporary dancemakers’ journey with ceremony, and to reflect on the journey through the process of archiving this period by creating a website to house the memories. Closing chapters with aloha makes space for wonder as we adventure into the unknown. In closing, still madly in love with my beloved, Stephen Kelly—30-plus years of togetherness. The greatest work of art yet—a beautiful relationship.”

Image courtesy of Still Thinking (Misa Kelly) (Dance 96)