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Steve Horowitz (Music 19)

Steve Horowitz, a prolific bassist and composer, has released two albums of new and exciting music. A creator of odd but highly accessible sounds and a diverse and prolific musician, Steve Horowitz is perhaps best known for his original score to the Academy Award-nominated film Super-Size Me. The artist behind 29 albums of mind-bending original music, a Grammy, Webby, and KidScreen award-winning composer and producer, he currently resides in San Francisco. Available now: two new albums Old Monsters Trio and Mr. E.Old Monsters Trio features Jim Bove on drums, fellow CalArts alum Scott Looney on piano, and the compositions and bass playing of Steve Horowitz.  

The album Mr. E, recorded in homage to the amazing percussionist drummer madman and visionary Michael Evans who passed away tragically last year. 

Watch the promotional video.

Horowitz also adds, “Nice article about my work teaching at SFSU and developing a new program in music for visual media (Game & Film).” [Read at SFGATE.] 

Like any profession, working in the gaming industry requires specific training, and several Bay Area operations have popped up to help gigging musicians learn how to take their skills from the stage to “The Sims.” San Francisco State University’s program might be the most notable, as professor Steve Horowitz literally wrote the book on the industry and he also runs an online school called the Game Audio Institute.

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Steve Horowitz (Music 19)