The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Sindy Fredrick (Kelley) (Art 88)

Sindy Fredrick checks in: “Hello, CalArtians! All these years later and I’m still involved in graphic design, printing, and marketing. Working for my husband’s real estate firm in Newport Beach, California. I’m very proud to say that my son attended CalArts in The Herb Alpert School of Music several years ago. It was so nice to be on campus again after all these years and see what was new there. His band played in the CalArts courtyard a few years back for one of the festivals—that was awesome to experience. They also have played at Downtown Disney and California Adventure for four years. I have been active in helping his band for the past 10 years with their design, photography, and marketing. So much fun and they’re still going strong. Take a look at a band called Undecided Future on iTunes/Spotify. They’re a group worth checking out (says the guitarist’s mom LOL). Hope to be back on campus for an event soon or at REDCAT, now that everything is opened up again. I love CalArts!”

group of young men standing confidently on a stage
Sindy Fredrick’s son and his bandmates at Downtown Disney and California Adventure