The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Karie Jacobson (Music-Critical Studies 21)

Karie Jacobson writes, “Fellow CalArts alum Drew Kowalski and I have created the music for an immersive art installation opening July 9 in Oakland, California: Christiane Cegavske’s Cottonflesh Sacrifice. On July 10 we participated in a Q&A about our music, sound design, and development of character voices for Cegavske’s stop-motion animated feature in progress, Seed in the Sand. As well as composing all the songs in the film, I am providing the birdlike chirping of the Nest Dwellers and the sirenlike songs of the Dolls of Doll Island. Suzi Gardner of L7 and Gitane Demone of Christian Death are voicing other characters, singing my compositions.”

Karie Jacobson (Music-Critical Studies 21) and fellow CalArtian Drew Kowalski created the music for Cottonflesh Sacrifice