The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Michael Buckley (Theater BFA 85)

Michael Buckley has developed an art form out of recording “life stories” in a style he calls “audio portraits.” Unlike traditional oral history interviews, Michael minimizes the redundancies of the interview form by completely stripping away the interviewer in the edit while also paring down the ums and ahs into a more pure, unadulterated monologue listening experience. Michael recognizes that there are few forms of communication that immerse the listener into more than mere sound bytes. This style of “audio portraiture” is applied to over 600-plus interviews collected over the past 21 years for an all inclusive, long-form project you can sample. This six-state, 64,000-square-mile bioregional travelogue zigs through a No ZOOM zone. The Sunday Voices tracks are surrounded by a wildly mellow musical excursion in real time (7-10am, EST at wrnr) across Annapolis/Baltimore/and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Email: