The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Georgi Coquereau-Kimi (Art MFA 86)

Georgi Coquereau-Kimi shares, “I am currently working on a ongoing large-scale multidisciplinary work based on my life’s journey, from homeless youth sneaking into gas station bathrooms at night for safe shelter—hence the title of my first book, Gas Station Bathrooms I Slept In—through growth experiences during CalArts/motherhood in simultaneity, up to my current status as a mid-career artist. This will be a transformative gallery experience for others who might be seeking relevance and will accompany fictionalized book #2 that will include new body of works. Am currently a member of 8×10 Camera Club, Tokyo, Japan, using 8-x-10-inch film. The photo is part of the new series in progress and is displayed in our annual showing. The new works are made up of sheets of plexiglass that suspend in a given space; that reference a suggestive place, environment, presence; using parts of ‘things,’ shadows, light, and depth as tools.”