The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Dylan Alexander Freeman (Music 17)

Dylan Alexander Freeman‘s group City Of Orchestras (involving other CalArts alums: Aidan Gould, Boz Garden, Bridgette Blankenhorn, Brooklynn White, Catalina Jackson, Erin Poulin, Henry Webster, Jack Doutt, James Vitz-Wong, Jason Tibi, Jaya Kang, Jonathan Freeman, and Kimberly Dunning) has released a new 14-track record that was recorded remotely throughout the pandemic and mixed/mastered in the summer of 2021. It’s available anywhere music is available as well as a short run of vinyls! This project has involved alums from a half-dozen m├ętiers and growing, and it truly embodies the cross-pollinated spirit of CalArts. The songs have been releasing episodically every Friday from October through the end of December with the full album available on streaming in the new year, but a full digital copy of the album comes with the vinyl!