The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Deborah Wasserman (Art 92)

Deborah Wasserman reports: “This summer I attended the Skowhegan Alumni residency, which coincided with Skowhegan’s 75th Anniversary Celebration. I also spent two weeks at Aunt’s Karen’s Farm residency (through NYFA), which is a family friendly residency. It allowed me to not only create new work but also spend special time with my loved ones. My work was, and still is, included in a virtual exhibit titled Embodied Trees, organized by Eco Art Space, and curated by Lilian Fraiji. This show makes visible the connection between humans and living nature and emphasizes the urgent call to respect and revere the very ‘lungs’ (trees) that facilitate our breathing. This summer I received the NYFA City Artist Corps Grant through the NYC Department Of Cultural Affairs. I was happy to give back to my beloved community via a free workshop for youth that coincided with the People’s Festival, in Jackson Heights, Queens. These past few weeks, I was delighted to speak to art historian, educator, and curator, Bernadine Franco, creator of Beyond The Paint podcast, about my work, philosophy, process, and inspirations. You can listen to the episode on my website or find it on your Apple Podcast app.”