The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Anais Franco (Art BFA 19)

Anais Franco writes to tell us about a new line of ceramic plates via her studio sachi: “I utilize a technique called ‘nerikomi,’ a form where pigmented, colored clays get layered and pressed together, to form a distinct pattern. I wanted to introduce studio sachi to you as a concept where I find that creativity, culture, and ideas of consuming goods and foods can come together. Murmurs has inspired me—along with various colleagues and friends of mine—as a physical destination where I believe studio sachi can perch along with. 

“Studio sachi was created to talk about ideas of looping, manifested into ceramic design objects. Looping—’circling back to……’ persistence—cycles are modes of thinking to help piece ideas together. I use motifs and patterns to transform symbols into a site-specific meaning, as a starting point to introduce image-making and storytelling.”