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Byron Tomingas (Music 71)

Byron Tomingas
returned for his 14th season at Jenny Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park. Despite COVID-19, the park and the lodge had record-breaking crowds. The skin on Byron’s right hand, which had been suffering from frostbite for five years, was finally under control and he had a tremendous season. Frostbite is a common hazard for fanatic backcountry hikers who live in cold climates through the winter, such as Byron’s home of Jackson Hole. Byron said, “I was finally able to play with my own fingernails and without bandages for the first time in several years! My music sparkles again!” Byron completed two new Chopin transcriptions, which can be heard on his YouTube channel, as well as an arrangement of Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” for his late mother and a new transcription of “Bugler’s Holiday” for his oldest brother who was the real musical prodigy of this family. Unfortunately, Robbie Tomingas did not get to live beyond 12 years old. He perished from an earlier pandemic, polio. “Appreciate every day that you have!”