The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

William (Bill) Groshelle (Film/Video MFA 80)

William (Bill) Groshelle (Film/Video MFA 80) is now pursuing his personal art and writing projects after a long career as an award-winning director working in San Francisco. His first project is an epic graphic novel being published this July by Dark Horse Comics, the leading independent publisher of comics and graphic novels. “Hellboy,” “300,” “Sin City” and “The Umbrella Academy” are some of their titles. “I love action movies, and so we made this book a real thrill ride,” Groshelle says. “We also wanted to set a mythic tone, so we created characters that do really bad things but learn from their sins. They might keep on doing bad things, but they might also do something selfless and courageous. Darkness can be redeemed sometimes.” “Operation Dragon” goes on sale on July 25 in comic book stores and digitally, then on August 10 in bookstores.