The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Socks Whitmore (Music 20)

Socks Whitmore (Music 20) reports, “Graduating in the middle of an industry collapse was far from ideal, but I’ve been lucky. I’ve managed to make and collaborate on art of all sorts all from the socially distanced safety of my home. I was accepted into the Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles (C3LA), the Center Theatre Group’s Emerging Artists Theatre Group program, the Boston University Trans Monologue Workshop, and a competitive voiceover intensive called Queer Vox. I performed as an actor and musician in a number of virtual play festivals, cabarets, and open mics, even participating in some benefit performances that raised money for the ACLU and For the Gworls. I guest-starred in a handful of podcasts such as Power to Pivot and Boo Ha Ha, and I’ve worked as a voiceover artist in a handful more such as Life with Leo(h), Murder at Camp Jesus, and DaemoniK. To top it all off, I had my original writing published in the musical theater creatives blog, Sappho Small Talk, AND the inaugural issue of the Queer Quarterly magazine. All my adventures in professional overachievement can be found on my website!”