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Podcast: Claire Marie Vogel and Artists in Isolation


Over the last year, director, photographer and CalArts alum Claire Marie Vogel (Film/Video BFA 10) Vogel interviewed 31 musicians—including Allen Stone, Suzi Analogue and Silversun Pickups—about how they’ve fared during the COVID-19 pandemic, from facing isolation to the impact on their creativity.

Vogel, who works as an in-house creative at Warner Records in New York City, asked the artists five questions each, including: As a musician, what has been the most challenging part of this experience? What ways have you found to stay connected to your fans/audience? What has most helped you keep grounded through the isolation of quarantine and social distancing?

For the resultant online exhibition, Artists in Isolation, Vogel conducted the photoshoots over FaceTime and interviews via text. The work is a thoughtful time capsule of an unforgettable moment in our collective history. 

“I wanted to give them a place where they could be honest about what they’re experiencing so that other artists could relate and see that we’re all struggling and coping in a lot of the same ways and a lot of different ones,” Vogel said in a 24700 podcast interview.    

The show was produced by Reflective Refuge, a female-run collective founded by Vogel and with Mallory Lemieux, with a focus on enriching the relationship between music and technology. 

Listen to the entire 24700 interview where we chat about Artists in Isolation, Reflective Refuge, her thoughts on the post-COVID music industry, and adopting a pandemic pup named after a famous personal injury lawyer. You may hear him (the dog not the lawyer) a time or two during the interview.

Claire Vogel and dog sitting on stairs
CalArts alum Claire Vogel is pictured with her pandemic pup Barnes. | Photo: Rafael Hernandez/CalArts