Calarts Campus

Nola Perla

Nola Perla (Chouinard 56), also known as Joy Figen, passed away last July. She was 86.

Perla’s daughter Jill Zamoyta offered the following remembrance: 

Chouinard was the defining experience of her life, and she credits being able to attend a school where she finally was able to be with “her people,” artists, with saving her life and creating the person she became as an adult. As her daughter, I am immensely grateful that she found you and was able to become a part of the tribe of artists. 

She was 86 when she died, and I know, above anything, that she would not have been the person she was without her time at Chouinard and the experiences and friends that the community gave her throughout her life. 

Art schools provide such an essential experience to people who might otherwise feel that they don’t have a place within the average scope of school and life. Thank you for continuing to provide this safe haven!