The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Miggie Wong (Art 09)

Miggie Wong (Art 09) shares, “In March 2020, just a week before the world locked down, I transitioned from Los Angeles, California, to Buffalo, New York. There, I created a drawing project named 100 Huis on Delaware Ave Project. This project publishes a collection of mementos and forward momentum during COVID-19. As a new arrival prior to the pandemic, Buffalo’s historical Delaware Avenue has become essential for my nearest routine walk and the initial inspiration for this project. The process of drawing these reimagined historic houses shapes my newly adapted daily structure with labor and discipline. It motivates my daily art practice with a strict drawing schedule and guidelines. It also urges me to review and preserve history and culture, while recording and creating my own for today. This project serves as a psychological response to how I cope with this global, uncontrollable intensity by creating a personal, controllable intensity. When the project is finished, it will be published as a postcard coloring book for people to continue to reimagine these houses in their way.” Instagram: @mwhouses,