The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Leilani Drakeford (Theater 06)

Leilani Drakeford (Theater 06) In 2020 Leilani wrote and executive produced the webseries “Homework,” a serio-comedy about people working from home, and all of the other complications that came with the pandemic during the shutdown. Filmed in quarantine, the cast and crew worked together from five different locations during the shutdown, via Zoom. Directed by Bradley M. Toms and Olajawon Monroe, the cast includes Donald S. Hinson, Dawn Taylor, Kayla Sinclaire, Greg Mays, Keith Trent, Richard Coleman, Martin Dorsey, Dakota Reece, and Leilani Drakeford. She is incredibly grateful for this experience and is also grateful to have had her mother and brother be a part of it after they recovered from the virus themselves. The series can be found on YouTube, on Facebook, or via the series website.