The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Keiko Moreno (Critical Studies 09)

Keiko Moreno (Critical Studies 09) writes, “I am the co-founder and creative director at Cryptic Industries. We are a special effects, design, and full fabrication shop based in Los Angeles. We are an entertainment company that can create an entire experience or a singular specialty prop. We work with clients in film, television, themed entertainment, theater, and marketing campaigns. Past clients include: Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Two Bit Circus, Thinkwell, and MyCoToo. Our work can be seen on LegoMasters, Masterchef, New Girl, The Fluffy Movie, and Strange Angel. Over the last year we began innovating creative solutions to safely bring small audiences back together because live entertainment cannot be replaced. We look forward to some new work opening in 2021.”