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Jillian Campana (Dean) (Theater BFA 92)

Jillian Campana (Dean) (Theater BFA 92) is a professor of Theatre and associate dean for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at The American University of Cairo in Cairo, Egypt. Her newest book, co-edited with Yasmine Jahanmir, was recently published by Routledge. Western Theatre in Global Contexts: Directing and Teaching Culturally Inclusive Drama Around the World, explores the junctures, tensions, and discoveries that occur when teaching Western theatrical practices or directing English-language plays in countries that do not share Western theater histories or in which English is the non-dominant language. Offering on-the-ground perspectives of teaching and working outside of North American and Europe, the book analyzes the importance of paying attention to the local context when developing theatrical practice and education. It also explores how educators and artists who make deep connections in the local culture can facilitate ethical accessibility to Western models of performance for students, practitioners, and audiences.