The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Chase Woolner (Theater 12)

Chase Woolner (Theater 12) writes, “I’m a performing arts teacher specializing in puppetry and scenic design at an independent K-6 school in LA. During the pandemic, I took all of my classes online, and Zoom turned out to be a terrific medium for teaching puppetry to kindergarten. Taking theatrical risks with performing objects yielded new results when performed in the comfort of their own home with stuffed animals students already knew and had personalities for. Meanwhile, the pandemic also gave my partner and me time to develop our ceramics business—Busy Hands Studio Goods. We started with an Etsy shop at home in March ’20 and now have a studio space in downtown Ventura and distribution in several brick-and-mortar shops. We specialize in ceramic paint palettes and gift sets. Having the opportunity to build a business that is intrinsically a part of art making for our customers is very gratifying.”

Valerie Green IMG6411, 2016 30×40 dye sublimation on aluminum