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Benjamin Goldman (Film/Video 01)

Benjamin Goldman (Film/Video 01) and Daniel Gamburg’s animated documentary short was acquired by The New Yorker. “Like the holidays themselves, Daniel Gamburg and Benjamin Goldman’s documentary short Eight Nights mixes nostalgia, family, shame, guilt, and humor into a seriously potent cocktail. In a hybrid of animation, interview, and archival footage reminiscent of Michel Gondry…” — Tana Wojczuk, The New Yorker. When Daniel was invited to appear on Conan, he thought he’d finally made it. Instead, he found himself on all fours in a silver Spandex bodysuit with his face attached to the ass of the guy in front of him. Conan called it the “human-centipede-menorah.” Daniel’s bizarre experience on Conan’s show evolved from one of shame into a deepening connection with his personal heritage, a reckoning with the choices he’d made, and ultimately a desire to tell the story of Eight Nights. “This is a film about our deep connection to the people we love. At a time when we can’t see some of those whom we love most. The making of this film felt even more poignant. Watch the film on my website or on The New Yorker. Read The New Yorker write-up.