Calarts Campus

Marvin Jason Bynoe (1983-2020)

Marvin “Stro” Bynoe (Film/Video BFA 20), a promising artist in the Character Animation Program, passed away on March 28, 2020. Bynoe’s family describes him as “a beautiful soul,” and that he was “dedicated, humble, warm, and undeniably talented.” Marvin is survived by his wife, Eula, and young son, Livi. 

Raised in Dorchester, Mass., Bynoe began attending after-school programs for young artists at the age of 11. He received a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Upon graduation, Bynoe worked as a shoe designer and then creative director at Bodega, a high-end store in Boston. 

He always knew he wanted to tell stories through animation; after leaving his position as creative director, he applied and was accepted to the CalArts Character Animation Program. His dream was to become a story artist and creator in the animation industry. Without a doubt, Bynoe’s art and creativity will have a lasting impact on many.