The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Tim Wolf (Art 81)

Tim Wolf (Art 81) notes, “After producing Isolation/Collaboration, a remote recording by the New London Drone Orchestra during COVID-19 quarantine, I released a new set of my own music, Tai Chu by Liquid Terrain, which reflects back on my CalArts years. In that formative time, while exploring the practice of improvisation and absorbing the influences of Indian and other world music traditions, I adopted a minimalist approach to creating music involving phasing and interlocking melodic lines and rhythmic cycles. The works on this new album either expand on that approach or grow out of pieces composed at that time. Two tracks pay direct homage to the late music faculty member Amiya Dasgupta, including ‘Tarana Memories,’ which incorporates an intimate recording of the two of us singing one of Amiya’s compositions. These recordings are available on Bandcamp and streaming services.”