The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

J Marcus Newman (Theater 79)

J Marcus Newman (Theater 79) reminisces, “From the first moment I entered the CalArts lobby, I knew I had made a life-changing choice. CalArts students, faculty, and staff were always eager to not only support my creative choices, they were happy to participate and contribute their unique gifts. In 1978, two  School of Theater productions were up at the same time so each show was assigned to one of two dressing/restrooms that served the Modular Theater. Despite the ‘Men’ sign, and way ahead of its time, Lew Palter’s production of Marat/Sade was assigned to one of the necessarily gender neutral facilities. Guys wandered around naked; no big deal, we’d been to the pool, attended theater/dance/film productions, modeled in art studios, and attended the Halloween party. Seeing that nonchalant response to the nudity and riffing on how ‘there is always a line for the ladies’ room’ playfully eager castmates lined up behind Lisa Popeil at a urinal for this photo. Marat/Sade takes place in a lunatic asylum. CalArts happens however and wherever our creativity takes us. Photo by J Marcus Newman (formerly known as Nonnie Vishner) Acting MFA 1979: ] L to R Lance Baker, Jason Tomlins, Ed Douglas, Ilene Propper, Holly Haber, Bradford Bancroft, and Lisa Popeil.”