The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Diana Cioffari-MacPhee (Music MFA 16)

Diana Cioffari-MacPhee (Music MFA 16) is the program associate for the CalArts Alumnx & Family Engagement team, a vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, actress, voice actress, collaborator, interdisciplinary artist, and more. She is also an alumna of Ithaca College (undergraduate), member of Society of Composer of Lyricists (SCL), ASCAP, The Hildegards, and Sigma Alpha Iota, most recently affiliated with Pasadena Alumnae Chapter. She also regularly participates in the Pathways and Alumni-to-Alumni Mentor Programs at CalArts as a mentor, is part of the CalArts Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, has recently worked on “think” music for a virtual classroom, and continues to work on other creative endeavors. Please check out her website: