The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Cody Putman (Music MFA 18)

Cody Putman (Music MFA 18) checks in: “Hey y’all. Been riding out quarantine the best that I can so far and staying politically active through this shit stain year. I got rid of social media a few months ago and have been using a newsletter ( to stay in touch and for writing. I recently put out my first solo album of electronic music with collaborations from alumni Darcy Haylor (Art BFA 17) and Diego Gaeta (Music BFA 18). It’s called moodgrids by Lights in Private and can be found on Bandcamp. I also recently put out an album called Mueller Tunnel with the experimental group Tasting Menu, which is faculty member Tim Feeney, Cassia Streb (Music MFA 06), and myself. We recorded three long-form improvisations inside of the Mueller Tunnel within the Angeles National Forest. The album was released on Full Spectrum Records and includes an accompanying photo book by photographer Eric Basta. Finally, I became a resident DJ with Internet Public Radio, based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. If you want some far-out sounds to listen to, check out its MixCloud or website. Stay in touch and stay safe out there!” (Email: