The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Ismael de Anda III (Art 00)

Ismael de Anda III (Art 00) Personal Contacts is a series of exhibitions at Durden and Ray, featuring four members of the curatorial artists collective inviting four artists to join them. Each member invited one artist to participate for whatever reasons: shared aims, joint interests, or hopes to provide a platform in a more community-focused way in support of artistic peers and the struggles they are attending to; to see and hear others. Every two weeks, four different members invited their selections to join in. For Personal Contacts #2, new Durden and Ray member Ismael de Anda III (Art 00) ( invited artist Lorenzo Baker ( to collaborate in this project. Together, Baker presented his temporal decomposing bouquet sculpture jewelette (2020, cut flowers, cellophane, rubber bands, 16 by 25 inches), and de Anda III presented LA Bloom (Los Angeles Blossom) (2020, a 4-by-8-foot digital print), with each artist considering the other’s artistic practice and potential strategy for the show. Other artists participating in Personal Contacts #2 included Regina Herod with Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Claire Jackel with Ben Jackel, and Nick Lowe with David Leapman. A physical exhibition was installed in the gallery space, which could be visited in person with masks necessary and social distancing enforced. Also a series of livestream interviews are available online discussing the work, themes, and ideas of the invited artists. These shows have been presented online utilizing the latest innovative 3D technology to realize a more realistic exhibition walk-through experience. Go online to visit the shows and to hear recorded livestreamed interviews and discussions with all the participating artists for Durden and Ray’s series of exhibitions Personal Contacts. Virtual 3D exhibition “Personal Contacts #2,” recorded interview “Personal Contacts #2.” Read additional information on the entire Durden and Ray Personal Contacts series.