The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Georgi Ann Coquereau-Kimi (Art MFA 86)

Georgi Ann Coquereau-Kimi (Art MFA 86) writes, “Aside from publishing Gas Station Bathrooms I Slept In and other stuff, I recently participated with the 8×10 Camera Group, analog large format camera society of Tokyo, Japan, of which I have been a member since 2012. I just have to say, as hard as it was the first two years at CalArts, my guiding mentors—John Bache, John Baldessari, John Mandel, Eric Martin, and Doug Huebler—helped me gain confidence in my own voice and developing my vision, though rigorous most of the time. I feel fortunate to have been encircled in the germination of that critical thinking. Missing John Bache, John Baldessari, Doug Huebler, and Eric Martin. There must be one heck of a reunion up there. Attached: I, one of a series of 8×10 analog film transparencies that invite viewer’s facial reflection interaction and thought in one’s frame of reference. Website:

Tokyo 8X10 Exhibition 2020