The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

A. Laura Brody (Theater 92)

Opulent Mobility 2020 will be online Dec. 5! Opulent Mobility is the group art exhibit founded and curated by A. Laura Brody (Theater 92) that reimagines disability as opulent and powerful. This year’s artists will be Abilities Dance Boston, Yaron Dotan, Brody, Corina Duyn, Jennifer Fearon, Sandy Huse, David Isakson, Molshree Jain, Wendy Lewis, Vincent Mattina, Rebecca Niederlander, Penny Richards, Katherin Sherwood, Abigail Stockinger, Misty Stokes, Dianna Temple, and Emily Tironi. Find more about the exhibits at or check out Brody’s art, teaching, and costume work at

A. Laura Brody Theater 92