Tastemakers Cover, Illustration by Κat Catmur Illustration by Kat Catmur

Re: Taste Makers

Congratulations on launching the online version of The Pool. It’s a nice addition to have expanded information, including video without diminishing the value of the print edition. I hope that both formats will continue in the future. Print is still a critical part of communications.

It was great reading “Taste Makers” about alumni who are using their CalArts educations to express artistic talents in media other than those they may have practiced as students. I am glad to see that they are being recognized as successful artists. As a CalArtian who successfully utilized my education in a career not directly related to my studies, I can relate to their experiences. I would imagine that there are many other alumni also working in areas different from the métiers they practiced at CalArts. It would be interesting to hear from others with similar stories.

This reminds me of something David Brown (president of Art Center College of Design from 1985–99) used to say: “There is a great debate about whether creativity can be taught, but there is no debate that talent without training is lost.” We come to CalArts as students already being creative. It is the educational experience we receive working with outstanding faculty and other students that gives us the ability to become great artists, regardless of our chosen professional mediums. Keep up the great work!