David Rosenboom Portrait David Rosenboom

Re: David Rosenboom

As a student, and later as a longtime employee at CalArts, I have known and worked with every dean of The Herb Alpert School of Music. In my opinion, David Rosenboom’s vision and sheer administrative chops make him—hands down—the best dean we’ve ever had. (Think: DMA program, Winter Session, a reimagined curriculum, Wild Beast Music Pavilion.)

Staff who work in other schools and administrative offices at CalArts have often commented on how fortunate I and my colleagues in the School of Music were to be led so well and by such an even hand. David sees the Big Picture, is highly disciplined, and is usually the smartest person in the room. He is the first “boss” I have ever worked for with whom I would “go to the well.”

Other music educators routinely look to David for insight into the future of music education. His private composition students with whom I work rave about their lessons with him.

It is not easy to do justice, in words and pictures, to such a multi-talented and highly accomplished artist, educator, and administrator. Kudos to Stuart Frolick and the magazine’s design team for producing a well-deserved and fitting tribute to David!