The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Emery Martin (Film/Video BFA 06)

Emery Martin (Film/Video BFA 06) says, “For the fifth consecutive year, the creative duo of Emery C. Martin and Kerstin L. Hovland (Film/Video MFA 12), aka Electronic Countermeasures, worked with LACMA and PRODJECT to design the animated projected backdrops for the LACMA ART+FILM Gala 2019. This year the projections expanded to not only be the environment for the dining room but also include the exterior facades of the Ahmanson Building, which had not been done previously, and likely will not be done again as it was slated for demolition. The animations focused on celestial bodies, historic star charts, and the work of both Betye Saar and Alfonso Cuarón.”