The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Volker Langhoff (Film/Video MFA 96)

Volker Langhoff (Film/Video MFA 96) says, “Last year I came back home after having spent two years as a resident artist and full-time professor at the Seoul Institute of the Arts in South Korea working with CalArtian Yoo Tay (Film/Video, Theater MFA 96). I’ve had the fortune of traveling to 50 countries so far. But Korea was quite a challenge, finding myself thrown into a world where language and culture, virtually all I see and smell and taste, are so different from all I had experienced before. What an interesting but busy time, especially since I started some additional studies just before being invited to Seoul! In addition, I shot in Greece a Korean-American musical directed by Wangtae Kim (Film/Video, Theater MFA 96). Back in Berlin, I work as a freelance cinematographer, bringing my father’s business back on track and donating much of my time supporting ‘Fridays for Future’ and other organizations working against climate change. I could use help here, so if you have time, energy, and/or money, please let me know. I am working on some English-language film projects and an idea for a large-scale biochar production as a CO2 sink and soil improvement. Well, I could use a million or more, but less is accepted as well!”