The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Ken Graning (Chouinard 66)

Ken Graning (Chouinard 66) says,“Recently, my wife and I were visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, and I came upon a vista that is unique to the Northern California area. One day on a road trip, as we entered Marin County after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, I observed an area of rolling verdant hills where Route 95 exits the bridge and then snakes off into Marin County. My primary painting genre is landscape painting, and I know a painting opportunity when I see one. Later, when we returned home, I decided to paint that location from some photos that I had taken on our trip. After I completed the painting, I thought it would be a good idea to submit it to The Artist’s Magazine Annual Open Painting Competition. The Artist’s Magazine is an international publication, and this show, which draws submissions from all over the world, is divided into categories. Apparently, my painting resonated in the mind of the judge, and I finished in the top 10 with my Marin County painting. It’s always a thrill when that happens, especially when you consider that the juror for each category is always a nationally known name with considerable street cred.”