The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Dennis Busch (Chouinard 65)

Dennis Busch (Chouinard 65) reminisces, “After a great introductory meeting with Mrs. Chouinard in late 1961, I had a feeling of accomplishment way before I accomplished anything in the art field. Chouinard was a fabulous experience. I majored in advertising communication, and my most inspirational instructors were Lou Danziger (design) and Ed Reep (painting). Both opened my eyes to the real world of each. After graduation, I was an actor for two years. One cult film I appeared in, still shown today, is Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! My advertising and art career started at J. Walter Thompson, where I was an art director. Later, I was hired by Young & Rubicam where my ‘claim to fame’ was coming up with, and selling the concept of, Boone’s Farm Apple Wine (‘The Wine Picked from Trees’). After Y&R, I moved to San Diego and started Busch & Associates, an ad agency that became the third largest in the area. I worked hard but had fun! Now semiretired, I have kept busy illustrating children’s books and other novelty projects. I wasn’t an animator, but I’m still a busy cartoonist. Thank you, Nelbert Chouinard!”