The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Wheesung Baek (Film/Video 16)

Wheesung Baek (Film/Video 16) says, “CalArts changed not only the technology but also the way I looked at the world with art. I was happy to spend the best year and a half of my life at the world’s best animation school! Professors Andrew Park, my mentor; Leo Hobaica; Steve Brown, who was the professor of my life drawing class; Maija Burnett; and Dan Hansen, who was a retired dean, were so kind despite my broken English and lack of art skills. For me, who is poor at English, not only watching animations with my friends in various English languages, but also making animations, has completely changed. Unlike in Korea, I was able to draw while listening to actors, musicals, and dance classes without distinction from other subjects, so that free curricula have forgotten my worries and instead have made my dreams clear. Not only animation, but also the way I see the world, has been changed by being at CalArts. Thank you so much! :)”