The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Caleb Veazey (Music MFA 16)

Caleb Veazey (Music MFA 16) reports, “Life has been a whirlwind since graduating with many opportunities and struggles. I released my first record in 2018 titled Wander and Moral with CalArts alumni Trevor Anderies-Roitstein (Music MFA 16), Yvette Holzwarth (Music MFA 16), and Ben Finley (Music MFA 16). Last summer I was invited to perform at a music festival in Bulgaria with Clinton Patterson (Music MFA 07), Sheela Bringi (Music MFA 08), Chris Payne (Music MFA 08), Neelamjit Dillon (Music DMA 15), and Oliwa Newell (MFA BFA 08). I perform every Friday night at the Los Angeles Athletic Club’s third floor hotel bar in DTLA and am constantly planning new releases with the likes of Clint Dodson (Music MFA 17), MillerWrenn (Music MFA 17), Elizabeth Baba (Music BFA 12), Greg Uhlmann (Music BFA 14), Efa Etoroma Jr. (Music MFA 15), and Vera Weber (Music BFA 19). I was the musical director and contributed compositions to season two of Das Boot, which will appear on Hulu during summer 2020. Things are constantly changing with the world today, so to stay financially stable and grateful, I substitute teach at the LA County juvenile detention halls. It is important to realize the bubble you live in and pop it when you need to be reminded that making art is a privilege!”