The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

John Mabry (Art BFA 75)

John Mabry (Art BFA 75) reports, “After receiving a full scholarship to the Art School in 1969–70 with Stephen Von Huene as my mentor, I opened a ceramics and housewares studio and sold various forms, lamps, vases, and objects made with natural materials to Bullock’s, Broadway, May Company, Hudson Bay Company, Robinson’s, Disneyland Resorts and Parks, and many other international venues. I found an art/housewares representative, Dillon-Wells in Los Angeles and New York, who sold my designs worldwide. I also worked as a graphic designer for the advertising trade, as a photographer and graphic specialist, which included 20th Century Fox, Technicolor, Deluxe, and several boutique agencies. Finally, I took a position as marketing director and graphic coordinator for the city of South Gate, Calif., in 1990. This was essentially an environmental design position, which included architectural model building, project management, mural designs, monthly publications, and a new city logo, monuments, entry signs, and a wide variety of marketing design and specialty printing for the Community Development Department and citywide projects. I retired in 2005 and now enjoy living at the beach, painting, and surfing.”