The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Georgi Ann Coquereau-Kimi (Art MFA 86)

Georgi Ann Coquereau-Kimi (Art MFA 86) updates us: “My recent publication Gas Station Bathrooms I Slept In, a bibliography with accompanying photos and illustration works, is aimed to empower others—youth, who might have or might be experiencing similar searing situations—and demonstrate how estrangement can be diverted to individualism that becomes a freedom to think and create, instead of a more passive seeing. This better enables one to be the director of one’s realities and intellectual potentials. In the last three years, I served as a visiting artist for Can Serrat, Barcelona, on full grant, and A.I.R. Vallauris, Vallauris, France. My work was featured in several exhibitions around the globe, including a private viewing at the Louvre: The Interiors Collection (group exhibition, July 13, 2015) and in an accompanied annual hardcover book. As an 8×10 Camera Club member, I have participated in group shows at the Meguro Museum Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, since 2013. An upcoming exhibition will be held at the Koto Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan: July 21–26.”