The CalArts Pool Fisheye Snapshot

Eric Christiansen (Film/Video BFA 85)

Eric Christiansen (Film/Video BFA 85) reports, “For the last 25 years, I have been creating films about trauma recovery designed to enrich the human spirit with healing and hope. My last documentary, Searching for Home: Coming Back from War, was theatrically released then later premiered on public television through KCET Los Angeles and NETA. In three years, it aired over 2,300 times on PBS stations across the United States. The New York Times called it ‘…strikingly photographed by Mr. Christiansen and is sure to give comfort and support to countless veterans and their families.’ It is now available on streaming platforms. Currently, I’m working on my next documentary, unMASKing Hope, which chronicles a disparate group of trauma survivors—ranging from 9/11, the Route 91 shooting, service members, first responders, and chronic sexual abuse victims who don ‘masks’ to hide their spiritual and emotional pain. They share their extraordinary stories of healing and offer a unified message of hope, inspiring us to unmask our own hope. Another CalArts alumnus, Ed Bell (Film/Video CERT 88), created the film’s animation. Also, I recently completed a screenplay based upon my 2002 documentary, Homecoming: A Vietnam Vets Journey and am currently working with producers to develop and produce.”