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Bear Thomas Woodson (Music BFA 78)

Bear Thomas Woodson (Music BFA 78) checks in: “There are fewer than 10 composers alive, worldwide, who have written 10 concerti. I just started my 10th recently.
1) ‘Piano Concerto No. 1, for Piano Left-Hand Only, and Orchestra’ (1998, 3 mvts., 29 min.)
2) ‘Concerto for [French] Horn and Orchestra’ (1999, 16 min.). Karen McGale did the piano reduction version for her dissertation about me in 2001.
3) ‘Introduction and Ashkenazic Rhapsody for Harp and Orchestra’ (2000, 1 mvt., 9 min.)
4) ‘Fantasy on a Theme used by Josquin Des Pres for Viola and Orchestra’ (2005, theme and 13 variations, 23 min.) or just my ‘Josquin Fantasy.’
5) ‘Concerto for Bb Clarinet and Orchestra’ (Aug. 2005, 3 mvts., 30 min.)
6) ‘Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra’ (2007, 2 mvts., 19 min.). This one had a Tutti Passage of Bartók-styled Canons, for a few bars in the Violins I & II and Viole, which the White House Marine Orchestra deemed ‘unplayable’ back in July 2007! I knew Leslye Barrett, when we took degrees at ASU in the mid-1990s. She’s in the President’s Marine Band these days, so I sent it to her and Kerry Willingham.
7) ‘Concerto for Contrabassoon and Orchestra’ (2009, 2 mvts., 19 min.). I still need to finish the 3rd movement. (Transcribable to Bb Contrabass Clarinet, and up an octave to Bassoon or Bb Bass Clarinet)
8) ‘Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra’ ‘Blues Concerto’ (July 2018, 3 mvts., 35 min.)
9) ‘Concerto for Violin and Orchestra’ (2019, 3 mvts., 40 min.)
10) ‘Concerto for E-Flat Alto Saxophone and Orchestra’ (in progress, begun Jan. 14, 2020).”